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Spain is Europe's one of the best tourist destination in the world. Our Spain tour packages are provided with top international flights and travel itineraries. Spain is a smashing tourism country both for holidays trip as well as honeymoon tours. The honeymoon packages and holiday travel packages in Spain are combined with many beaches, beautiful villages, old towns and spiritual churches. Spain is famous for its historic towns and traditions and most of its towns are hundreds of years old. There exist lot of cathedrals and chapels available for prayers and visits in many Spanish towns. These towns were built by emperors and are included with lot of historical signs on it.
Museums create enthusiasm for travelers in all Spain holiday tour packages. Spain museums contain drawings, portraits, sculptures and hundreds of paintings. The immense collection of paintings creates wonder to the visitors as those are the masterpieces of many painters. The travel guides in Spain will lead you to astonishing museums attractions like the Spanish museum - Museo del Prado. The Museo del Prado is the most famous Spanish national art museum and it has the works of Picasso which a tourist shouldn't want to be missed out. The museum is situated in a town called Madrid. The city of Madrid was the capital of Spain since 1562.
The Barcelona is also a famous tourist destination in Spain. The World Olympics took place once in this tourist place. The streets of Barcelona are known for number of cafes, markets and especially the shopping malls with variety of shopping items.
The sandy beaches, casinos, zoos and parks are also fills many parts of Spain. The bullfights also add wonderful experience for the tourists in their Spain tour packages. The beautiful landscapes, clear sea water, green hill sides, caves and fresh sea food are amazing sightseeing and attractions in Spain.
The Country of Spain has a mix of traditional streets and modern streets. The active night life with many number of night clubs, theatres and cafes are stealing much time of travelers in their Spain holiday packages. The historical and modern wonders of the Spanish city also generate and suit the tourists as "Spain" a tourism location for enjoyment and relaxation.
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