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Tour Packages New York
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NY Empire State Building Tour

This 102 storied building was the tallest in the world for almost 40 years. It is named after the nick name of the state of New York. This is still the third largest skyscraper in the USA and attracts a large number of tourists.

A tour to this mighty building would certainly remain in your memory. The SKYRIDE and the Empire State Building Observatory are the main attractions you would find in the building.


This amazing virtual ride would take you to the charms of the city. This is really the gift of technology. You would be seated in special seats. Custom platforms are another specialty. The massive screen in front of you would give you the virtual journey effects. The New York SKYRIDE provides you the fastest, the safest, easiest and funny way to tour the entire New York City.

Empire State Building Observatory

The Empire State Building Observatory spans over a quarter of miles and could be described as one of the finest observatories of the world. The view from the observation deck would be a memorable experience for you as you can watch the skies of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and New York if the sky is clear. This observatory was once the most sought after attraction of the tourist. What tourists loved most was the panoramic and spectacular view of the City, the bays, rivers etc from the observation deck. Another main attraction is that the entry to the SKYRIDE and Observatory is free.

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