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Niagara water falls is one of the most sought after tourist destination in the world. This copious water fall is situated in the international border of the USA and Canada. The Niagara falls are renowned mainly for its scenic beauty. The Niagara waterfall spans over 27 Kms and is really huge in the volume of water falling each second.
The view of this marvelous waterfall even from the land is breathtaking. The helicopter air tours above the waterfalls would provide you a great opportunity to view the might, beauty and sometimes a little frightening view of this waterfall from the sky. Usually the helicopter tours over Niagara would last up to 20 minutes. There are many luxury and cheap air tour packages to view Niagara falls. Don't miss the opportunity to take photos of this wonderful movement as you fly over the Niagara waterfalls and the historical areas from New york.
The tour over the Canadian region of the Niagara falls and the American region of the Niagara falls together take five to six hours. The Niagara Air tours give you the golden opportunity to view the waterfalls both from the land and the water. Some tour companies offer you cruise excursion through the base of the waterfalls. This would be an unmatched experience as you physically feel the might power and sound of the great water falls very near to you. Getting soaked in the huge water falls is meant only for brave hearts.

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