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New York - The Statue of Liberty Tour

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think about the USA in terms of tourism is the Statue of Liberty. It serves as the icon of the country. This statue is located in the Liberty Island in the New York harbor. This statue made of a sheathing of pure copper, welcomes lots of visitors every month. The Statue of Liberty was gifted by the French to the American's on the centennial of Independence. The statue is located in the Liberty Island in New York Harbor.
The Statue of Liberty is a piece of engineering marvel. The statue is made up of Steel frame work on which pure copper is sheathed. The raised torch of the status is coated with gold leaf.
Visitors can view the inside of this structural art. A glass ceiling is provided for viewing the inside structure. For the enhancement of the inside view lighting and video systems are provided. A park ranger would help you in getting the correct view and other information needed.
Getting a panoramic view of the New York City and harbor would be really breathtaking. If it is from the observation deck of the Statue of Liberty, it would give you a lifelong experience to cherish. You can access the crown of the statue. After buying the tickets you can get into the elevator up. After getting out from the elevator, in order to reach the pedestal observatory you would have to climb twenty four steps.
The ranger led walking tour which is free of cost would give you a different experience and journey through the history and glory of the Statue. You would get opportunity to spend time in shopping and eating at the wayside restaurants. An audio tour describing the history of the statue, the Lady of Liberty, its significance etc are available in nine languages. The statue Museum is worth visiting.

The statue Museum - main highlights

Statue of Liberty Exhibit

Located in the second floor of the statues pedestal area, the museum exhibits contains a vivid repertoire of historical evidences like prints, videos and oral narrations of the historical facts. The Statue's face and foot are replicated and are exhibited here.

The Torch Exhibit

The Torch Exhibit includes the evolutionary foot prints of the Torch of the Statue. The original torch history could be traced back to 1886.Later it was altered. The various alterations that made to the torch throughout the history are narrated with the help of different drawings, photographs, cartoons, diagrams etc.

The "New Colossus"

New colossus is the marvelous sonnet by Emma Lazarus .The New Colossus sonnet inscribed in a bronze plaque is affixed to the walls of the Pedestal of the statue. This plaque symbolizes the Statue of Liberty's message of Universal freedom and hope to all who comes to the United States and people all around the world seeking freedom. This plaque itself tells what is the Statue of Liberty what does it mean and stand for.

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