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African tour packages have a wide mixture of tourist packages that includes special travel campaigns, stay living and tour activities. The transport facility in most of the African travel packages are offered either in flights or cruises or rail or by road. We offer all travel services in Africa even in the case of golf tourism, horse riding activity, cultural tour, honeymoon packages, educational tours, birds monitoring activity and family tour packages. Moreover, we can extend your Africa package tour with extra travel deals that fits your trip requirements based on the available budget and time period. Furthermore, the accommodation facilities will be provided at grand hotels with special discounted rates.
The list of countries in Africa that are included in an African travel package are Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Zanzibar and Zimbabwe. The famous tour destinations in Botswana are Okavango Delta and the Chobe National Park. But note that visits to those tourist places are very costly. Amboseli, Nairobi, Masai Mara, Mombasa and Lake Nakuru are the most important tour destinations in Kenya whereas the Lake Malawi and the travel attractive place Zomba Plateau are famous in Malawi. Benguerra Islands is a popular destination that may be included in a Mozambique travel package. Mozambique is famous for beach tourism in Africa. The travelers can experience cheap and best safari packages from Namibia. Swakopmund and Sossusvlei are the most widely known tourist destinations in Namibia. The cable car ride to table mountain is famous tourist attraction in South Africa. Cape Town, Kruger national Park and South Africa's Johannesburg are also tourist's favorite tour places in Africa. The other renowned tourist spots in an African travel packages are Ngorongoro in Tanzania, Serengeti in Tanzania and Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Zambia Victoria Falls, South Luangwa National Park in Zambia, Stone Town in Zanzibarv, Zimbabwe Victoria Falls and Zimbabwe Lake Kariba.
Africa tour packages comprises of Safari tourism packages, Beach travel packages, Family Safaris, Bird Watching Safaris, Festival tour packages, Cycling ride packages, Scuba diving, watching Great Apes of Africa, honeymoon couples package and trekking.
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