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Are you fed up with the daily humdrum life? Want to relax a bit and get rejuvenated. Then no doubt Manila is the most ideal destination. Get ready to spend your precious holidays in the abundance of nature. Metro Manila, popularly known as Manila, consists of fourteen cities and three municipalities. This itself give you a glimpse of the variety of experiences in store for every visitor. It is a facinating conurbation that covers 636 square kilometres and 10 million people happly inhabit there. it is the capital city of the Philippines.
The towns are lively and can shower you with enduring memories. Makati, the commercial centre of the conuntry, is the center of modern manila. Here you can eat, drik, shop and make merry to your haret's content. A unique and congenial atmosphere prevails here which is generated by flocks of people who come here to work, relax and get revitilised.
At first, Manila might appear to be an amorphous mass. The beauty and elegance of Manila lies in its parts. It is infact it is a sum of its parts. Each and every part has its own uniqueness and will create in in us everlasting impressions.
Rizal park will give you a historical background of Manila and the people of Manila. This would be a meaningful beginning.Nayong Pilipino is a modern theme park which attracts tourists from all over the world. There is a walled city which brings to our mind fortresses of the past. Cathedral of manila will enlighten us with the religious history of the area. Touristy -ferry rides , sphisticated modern shoping malls and enchanting skyscrapers will make your stay comfortable and contentend. The night life of Makati is going to be the most fabulous experience awaiting.
Get ready to bathe in the glory and splendour of Manila. The few days that you are about spend there will defenitly bring your long chrished dreams realised. It was, it is and it will be an ideal place to spend your valuable holidays.
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