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Boracay Travel, Philippines

Boracay is one of the most beautiful tropical islands in the world. It takes hardly an hour to reach Boracay from Manila. It is unique for its long white sand beaches and it is a never ending source of delight to the tourists all over the world. It can boast of facilities that suit the needs of people with different tastes and interests. For those of you who love to lounge around and relax in the sun rays, beach-front hotels provide you lounge chairs.
Are you are a person interested in water sports? Then Boracay would be a paradise for you. Opportunities await you to enjoy your time in surfing, diving, snorkeling and jet skiing. Even after sunset, you don't have to retire to your room. Restaurants and bars would be open with exotic food and beverages.
Some of the selected attractions of the Barcay Island are the following. White Beach is the most exotic destination. It is not merely a vast stretch of white sand; it is also the commercial center of the Island. Puka Beach is another tempting attraction. It is a stretch of white sand along the northern tip on the island. Bailing Hai Beach is another hot destination. Here you can enjoy swimming and relish a memorable dining in a peaceful atmosphere. The Bat Cave is another splendid attraction. In the Bat Cave we can see many insectivorous bats. There are numerous other things which can shower you with enduring memories and experiences.
Boracay Island is hailed as a paradise for those who love and worship beach. It is recognized as one of the best beaches by Yahoo Travel and BMW Tropical Beach Handbook. It remains to be the most sought after destination of beach loving tourists. Boracay Isaland stands out for its powder-soft sands that never get hot even in the hottest days of the year. The tourists who have had an experience of this fabulous beach have made Boracay their yearly destination. Boracay is a great place for family day out. If you wish to spend your valuable and precious holidays in a beach, do not hesitate to make trip to Boracay. Boracay is awaiting to seize your passion and imagination. Don't miss it.
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