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Great Wall of China Tourism

Tourists who think about China would first think about The Great Wall, which is one of the wonders of the world. This long, gigantic dragon like structure is believed to have constructed 2000 years ago. We, operates all tour packages to Great Wall of China for tourists to celebrate their holidays or honeymoon, a memorable one.
Are you a tourist interested in architectural marvel and beauty; then you should not miss this greatest and largest man made structure which spans around 8,851 Kilometers, winding up and above the grasslands, deserts, plateaus and mountains.

Great Wall Tourism

There is a misconception that the wall is a continuous structure built in unbroken lines spanning throughout China. Truly speaking this is structure which was built by different dynasties that ruled china in different times. There are many places where these structures overlap.
Thinking about hiking the Great wall? The first daunting doubt would be, which part would should I climb? You can either use travel guide, itinerary or internet information to find out the place which would suite your interest, budget, predilections etc

Suggestion for which place to hike on Great Wall

Below are our suggestions only for your reference
  • Juyongguan Great Wall
    For tourists who have a busy schedule and want to have just glimpses of the wall.
  • Badaling Great Wall
    Those who want to get the vision of the most gorgeous section of the entire wall.
  • Mutuanyu Great Wall
    This is the preferable place if you are travelling with your kids or senor persons.
  • Ruined Badaling Great Wall
    If you are looking for a much private place with out being in the crowds.
  • Changyucheng Great Wall, Zhuangd
    The apt place for tourists interested in local Chinese villages.

Stay near Great wall

Many nice comfortable hotels, inns and home stays are available at the base of the Great wall around Beijing. Most of the Chinese courtyard hotels and inns would be opened in winter also.
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