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Egypt - The Gift of River Nile is the cradle of all ancient civilizations of the world. Egypt has produced many mathematicians, thinkers and great people. Egypt was the source of a great history, culture, civilization and science. The Pyramids, The Mummies, The Sphinx, The Pharos, Pythagoras and the Great Passover are the Icons of this great culture. These icons itself would attract a tourist heavily to this land. Egypt not only attracts you with its cultural and traditional extravaganza but also charms and inspires you with its ancient glory.

Egypt Tourist Attractions


The Capital city - Cairo was called "The mother of all cities". The main Characteristics of the city are its major worship centers of the Semitic religions, monuments and the scenic beauty of the Nile River.

Red Sea

Red Sea area is one of the most delicately beautiful places in the world.

The Great Sphinx

The Statute of a Lion with Head of a Human in Giza is considered as a great wonder.

Pyramids of Giza

The Pyramids of Giza are perhaps the most thriving of the tourism and fame of Egypt.

The Hanging Church of Cairo

The Hanging Church of Cairo is an ancient Christian Church built in the third or fourth century AD.

Cairo Opera House

Opera House is Located in Cairo. Cairo Opera House is the venue of arts in Egypt.

Egypt Beaches

The Mediterranean Beaches between Sallum and Alexandria have purplish blue colour stunning water. The Red Sea Riviera has been enchanting tourists for decades.
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