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Killarney Travel, Ireland

Killerney is one of the most fascinating tourist destinations of Ireland due to its matchless lake and mountain scenery. Tourists all over the world flock to Killerney to behold mesmerising scenic drive which is a never ending source of delight. It has been a magnificent tourist destination for over two hundred and fifty years. It's marvellous peaks like Crohane, Tomies, Torc, and Mangerton continue to seize the imagination and passion of tourists all over the world. Numerous tales and legends concerning the town will definitely keep us spirited throughout our stay here.
The town has a wide range of attractions. Ross Castle, an enchanting creation of human intelligence and aesthetic sense, is at the edge of Lough Leane National Park. You can also plan for a exhilarating boat journey from the Ross Castle out into the Killarney lakes where you are definite to have some breathtaking sceneries.
Kennedy's pet farm is another magnificent location where kids as wells as the grownups can have an unprecedented experience of watching their favourite animals like deer, pigs, piglets, calves, sheep ,lambs, goats, cute puppies etc indulge in their carefree life.
Torc Waterfall is another hot destination. Awe-inspiring sound of water incessantly falling on the rocks is audible even kilometres away. A short and pleasant walk from the car park will take you to the base of the waterfall. If you are strong and bold, don't hesitate to climb up the waterfall where you will be blessed with some breathtaking scenes of the killarney's lakes.
Coolwood wildlife Park is can offer animal lovers some gripping experiences. It is a vast area where you can discover 40 gorgeous acres of Wildlife Sanctuary and 10 acres of Wildlife Park. It is a must visit spot where you can see animals like Lemurs, Raccoons, Wallabies, Meerkats, Llama etc.
Muckross House is another tourist hot spot. It is a quintessence of a classic 17th century mansion. It can boast of an elegant garden, enchanting water garden and a fabulous rock garden. A few hours of stay here will undoubtedly revitalise your life.
Killerney is the ideal place to spend your precious holidays. It offers wide range opportunities to people of different age groups to enjoy their holidays in a facinating manner. Don't hesitate to make necessary arrangements to make a visit to this fairy land.
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