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Acapulco de Juarez glows like a sea queen in all its glitz and glamour on the pacific coast of Mexico. It is Mexico's most sought after and the most frequented coastal tourist destination. Since it is very close to Mexico city, it is a beloved destination not only for tourists but also for the Mexican population as well. the city is positioned on a semi circular bay and hence it bestows ample opportunities for aquatic activities and water sports. The most sought after attractions are scuba diving, water skiing and sport fishing.
The city is renowned and noted for its vibrant, explosive and high-energy nightlife. A night spend in Acapulco undoubtedly will make indelible impressions in our memories. The city has numerous world class night clubs which are in fact modern and hi-tech temples of sensuality. Here you can have dinner at midnight and dance until morning and relax and revitalize yourself during the day on pristine beaches of Acapulco. Hotels and resorts are bar attached and sometimes dance clubs. There are number of beach bar zones where the flock together to enliven their moments of relaxation and enjoyment.
The fishing in Acapulco is legendary and it is a big news is someone goes empty handed after fishing!
Another crowd puller of Acapulco is La Quebrada Cliff Divers. Here the vibrant and energetic native youth compete with each other to determine who could dive from the highest point. Spine chilling diving performance of professional divers is something to be cherished for eternity. This spectacular performance can be viewed from a public area.
If you are worshiper of beaches and still young at heart, Acapulco solemnly beckons you to spend your valuable holidays on the pristine sea beaches and vibrant and explosive night clubs. It is absolutely going to be a once in life time experience. Get ready to spend your holidays in this icredibly beautiful city.
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