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Hurghada in Egypt came into existence in the 20th century as a small village. It has now developed into a major tourist attraction of Egypt. Hurghada has now emerged as an international aquatic sports center. It is also a wonderful beach resort in the magnificent Red Sea Coast. The main tourist attractions of Hurghada Red sea coast are Ad-Dahar, Al-Gouna, Sigala, New Hurghada, Safaga and Soma Bay. Hurghada consists of many villages which are self contained. We, guides you with our attractive Egypt tour packages to almost all the best tourist places in Hurghada. Other main attractions of Hurghada are the Marine Biology Museum, the underwater gardens, aquatic sports and the conducted tours. You can reach Hurghada by air, rail or water as this village is well connected by air, sea and rail routes. Along with other tourists, Scuba divers Yachtsmen, Sail boarders and Snorkels find Hurghada as a recreation paradise.
The important Hurghada travel destinations in Egypt are Beaches, Bazaar in El-Dahar, Giftun Islands and Red Sea Aquarium. If you are interested in any of the aqua sports like swimming, deep-sea fishing, scuba diving and windsurfing, Hurghada is at par with any other similar destinations. This village area provides you the rare opportunity to view the uncommon fishes and coral reefs through special boats with glass bottoms. Hurghada of Egypt also allows enjoying the packages of swimming with dolphins. Many hotels and resorts in Egypt directly operate the Hurghada red sea cruises and other travel packages in Hurghada Egypt.
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