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Cairo, the Capital City of Egypt is situated on the Banks of Nile River. Cairo is renowned as the "The Jewel of the Orient", "The City of the Thousand Minarets" and as "The cradle of all civilization". Cairo in Egypt is Africa's largest city and is praised as the Mother of All Cities by her citizens. This city which is almost 2000 years old is an important venue of the major religions- Christianity, Jewish and Islam.
Egypt Tourism and Tour packages services are functioning in a large scale at Cario City. There are many Cairo based travel agents and trip agencies in all major destinations of Egypt for operating a tour package to Cario. The Cairo sightseeing tours packages includes all the holidays and vacation packages to visit the main tourist attractions in Cairo Egypt like Memphis and Saqqara, Pyramids at Giza, Churches in Cairo, Mosques in Cairo, City of the Dead, Saqqara Pyramids and the modern structures.
The Egypt airports are well-connected with flights to Cario. Moreover, the Cario city acts as a home for all international tourists providing food and accommodation in world famous star hotels and motels. We, .... operates with all types of tour packages to Cairo and provides immense travel guidance for the tourists to visit and Enjoy Cairo travel in Egypt.
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