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You can travel to China by our best tour operators with a comfortable travel and pleasing accommodation facilities. As you know, China is one of the biggest countries in the world and is located in the continent Asia. The technological innovations lead China to a modern country whereas the thousands of years old history and exotic sceneries makes China a fantastic holiday destination.
China is blessed with many mountains, forests, lakes and deserts. Apart from the natural beauty, humans in China also create wonders. The "Great Wall of China" is one of the highlighting wonders in the world. The man power and materials used to build this wall was immense.
The "Forbidden City" is another wonder of Chinese architecture, which was built in the fifteenth century. It is placed in seventy two hectors of land. The 3000 meter long walls are amazing. In 1925 it was converted to museum. The Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses of Museum of Qin Terracotta Warriors are another stunning beauty. The Sightseeing's in a China holiday tour package will never complete without these attractions.
The "Temple of Heaven" is an architectural wonder across the globe. This temple was built in 1420 on 674 acres of land. The architectures designed for this temple is in such a way that this place really stands close to heaven.
The tourists can explore the natural beauties of China to a great extent. The mountains provide unforgettable scenery of plants, trees and clouds. Moreover, China has many rivers with beautiful river banks. The widely known yellow river is an aspiring beauty of China. Also the world's third longest river "Yangtze River" belongs to China. The natural reserves are another beautiful part and a traveler can enjoy the beauty of forests by having a walk through it. The dashing nature gives fabulous memories for the honeymoon travelers in their China honeymoon packages.
The ancient townships and villages are specialty of China. The tourists can find the best water town with well-drawn water front pavilions and houses. Every year millions of world tourists find China as a best holiday spot. The well arranged tour itineraries and travel packages of China add advantage for its presence in international tourism and world tourism packages.
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