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Abu Simbel Temples

Abu Simbel temple was built in 1244 BC by the Great Pharaoh, Ramses II. Abu Simbel rock temples are mountain carved out structures located on the side of Lake Nasser. The Rock Temples at Ramses II Abu Simbel are supreme example of ancient Egypt's architectural precision and accuracy. There are several Abu Simbel Temples packages available for a tourist to visit and do workship at the holy place. Moreover, most of the travel packages of Egypt includes the tour package to see the famous Abu Simbel Temple.
There is a stone carved falcon-headed Re-Herakhty on the top of the main entrance of the Abu Simbel Temple. On both sides of this deity, statues of Pharaoh worshipping is shown.

The Rock Temples at Ramses II Abu Simbel

The larger temple is more famous out of the two Abu Simbel Rock Temples. It has four sitting statues of the Pharaoh. These statues are as massive as the height of a five storied building. All the statues were identical, but one statue got destroyed in an earthquake. You can find other statues of half size standing neat the feet of the main statues. These statues are that of the Children and wife of the Pharaoh. If you are lucky, you can view the wonderful sight of light falling through an opening of the temple to back room illuminating all the statues.
The smaller temple of Abu Simbel Rock Temples is dedicated to the Goddess Hathor and Ramses’ Chief wife contains six statues. The statues of the King and his Queen are of the same size. These temples were rescued from drowning when Aswan Dam was constructed. The entire temple was moved to another location after making in into peaces and then reconstructed. The Sound and Light show near the temples is worth watching.
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